Our Network of Partners

To ensure the highest quality of local services to customers, Bit Wave Solutions have business partnerships with some of the top consulting, software and service firms around the globe. To optimize the value of our TripPal solution, Bit Wave Solutions forms technology partnerships with premier software and service organizations. We work closely with these regional partners to ensure that they are well-informed and well-trained so that they can deliver, implement, and support our customers.

Bit Wave Solutions' Partner Initiatives

Bit Wave's world-class partner ecosystem ensures our customers receive the value they require in an overall solution stack through the strong partnerships we've fostered with other industry leaders. Establishing a relationship with Bit Wave is the best and fastest way to build your company's reputation as an innovator in this highly lucrative IT sector. We offer a wealth of resources, programs and incentives to help you succeed and profit.

Bit Wave's partner program requires partnering companies to tightly integrate their software solutions with Bit Wave's core technologies. Our partners extend the capabilities of Bit Wave's development and run-time platforms by offering out-of-the-box integration and support for key technologies in a number of markets.

Revenue Opportunities

Bit Wave's TripPal partner referral program, rewards Partners on a sliding scale up to 50 points. Bit Wave believes in investing in its Partners and trains them such that they take an increasing role in each sale with the ultimate goal of them becoming certified to sell solutions direct with little or no Bit Wave's involvement.

Sales and Marketing Support

On-going sales support is provided to move partners easily through the sales process. Bit Wave will provide ROI analysis, case studies, white papers, marketing collateral and demo as well as proposal templates and PowerPoint presentations.

Implementation and Training

Bit Wave's proven implementations are designed to minimize the impact on business operations. Bit Wave configures the solutions and obtains sign-off prior to installation. Strong project management tools assure that deadlines are met, thorough testing supports quality implementation and user training ensures client satisfaction.